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  • Based in the UK, the USA and Japan.
  • is uniquely equipped to be the premier resource site for football professionals and fans.
  • offers up-to-date news and comment on world soccer tournaments.
  • provides the essentials on when and where and how to get there.
  • World Cup, EuroCup, Asian Cup, Champions League, Europa Cup reports.
  • provides reasonable rates for advertising and soccerphile shop listings.
  • Soccerphile ™. "Soccerphile" is a UK registered trademark of Soccerphile Ltd. The mark has been registered in respect of: Class 41: Online electronic publications, entertainment: sporting and cultural activities. Registered trademark No. 2365309.

What people are saying about Soccerphile.com:

When Saturday Comes October 2006
"Soccerphile .... boasts correspondents in less obvious footballing nations such as Australia, Croatia, South Korea and....Scotland." - Ian Plenderleith

The Times (of London) September 8 2003
"Soccerphile wears many hats, one of which is a gateway to all kinds of helpful facts about Portugal - its cities, culture and accommodation." - Tom Dart

Deccan Herald May 28, 2002
"If you are planning to visit Korea or Japan to watch the matches, you must check out the website, Soccerphile.com."

The Washington Post December 9 2001
"The most comprehensive [World Cup] Web site -- even more thorough than the official sites -- is Soccerphile.com." - Elissa Leibowitz

FourFourTwo 442 December 2001
"Soccerphile.com .. pulls off the rare trick of providing plentiful, accessible information in a design that doesn't make your temples throb."

Rough Guide - Japan 2001
Check out Soccerphile.com

"[..] is providing TV equipment and crew for WC 2002 and in searching the web for support info, travel, ferries between Japan & Korea, I found your site, and it is VERY, VERY good." - Brian Powers, President PMTV

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