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June 2006 Statistics during the 2006 World Cup

Unique Visitors: 1,283,387

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2014 Statistics

Unique Visitors: 1,393,252

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What people are saying about

When Saturday Comes October 2006
"Soccerphile ... boasts correspondents in less obvious footballing nations such as Australia, Croatia, South Korea and ... Scotland." - Ian Plenderleith

The Times (of London) September 8 2003
"Soccerphile wears many hats, one of which is a gateway to all kinds of helpful facts about Portugal - its cities, culture and accommodation." - Tom Dart

Deccan Herald May 28, 2002
"If you are planning to visit Korea or Japan to watch the matches, you must check out the website,"

The Washington Post December 9 2001
"The most comprehensive [World Cup] Web site - even more thorough than the official sites - is" - Elissa Leibowitz

FourFourTwo 442 December 2001
" ... pulls off the rare trick of providing plentiful, accessible information in a design that doesn't make your temples throb."

Rough Guide - Japan 2001
Check out

"[..] is providing TV equipment and crew for WC 2002 and in searching the web for support info, travel, ferries between Japan & Korea, I found your site, and it is VERY, VERY good." - Brian Powers, President PMTV

Also listed in:

The Herald Tribune
The Asahi News
The Hindustan Times
The Deccan Herald
Lonely Planet – Tokyo Guidebook 2001

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