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Poland is one of Europe's most recent must-do holiday destinations, easily accessable from all Europe's major cities.


Polabd Travel Guide

Situated on the edge of western Europe bordering Germany to the west and the Ukraine to the east, Poland mixes the best of both eastern and western Europe, traditional and modern.

From the fashionable clubs and cafes of the capital, Warsaw, to the medieval architecture of Kraków, GdanskPoznan and Wroclaw, Poland has much to offer any tourist.

Hike in the lovely and unspoiled Polish countryside or visit the completely restored port city of Gdansk on the Baltic - home of the reform movement as the country threw off its Stalinist shackles.

Visit our guides to Poland to find the best recommendations on accommodation, flights to the region and domestic travel for Warsaw, Kraków, Lublin and Wroclaw.

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