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Commentator's Rap

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Football commentators. Wise and witty or banal and bigoted? Do they have you reaching for the mute button on the remote control or are they essential listening?

Commentators' rap from World Cup 98
"..the hordes from Lagos and beyond."
"..the Chilean hordes." (British commentator with a fear of foreigners, perhaps?)
" Toulouse. Both teams afraid to lose."
"Suker has done a lot of pointing in this little tangible effect."
[Al Jaber] "has got trickery in his feet. There's no doubt about that."
"That free-kick position would be right up Stoichkov's street."
"It's a low-profile match from the teams from the Low Countries." John Motson, BBC, on Holland 0 Belgium 0
"They've got stickability." [Austria]
"Look at the eyes! Look at the eyes!" Barry Davis, BBC
"It took an eternity for him to tuck it away." BBC's Trevor Brooking talking about the referee's handkerchief.
"Hello, flower!" (on seeing a Japanese supporter whose face is surrounded by a giant plastic sunflower.)
"The man with the hair net finds the net." (Prosineckic scoring for Croatia v. Holland in the 3rd Place play-off)
"A delaying tactic in terms of time wasting."

George Best joke - top

George Best is staying in the most expensive suite in a hotel. Miss World is
in his bed. There's money strewn all over the room because Best had had a
very good evening at the gambling tables.There's a knock on the door. Room service has arrived with champagne.

The guy from room service is blown over to see it's George Best. Full of empathy
for his hero he says 'George! George! Where did it all go wrong?'

Name Game Manga - top

What does that mean?
Why is "Japan" before "Korea"?



That's the Japanese
way: we read from
right to left!

So that means people
looking at this cartoon
are reading what you
say first?! Sure, man!

Come over here
and switch places!

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