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Berlin bus.

From the UK, Eurolines - the overseas wing of National Express - offer return fares to all major German cities. There are daily buses to Cologne (approx. 13 hours), Frankfurt & Munich (approx. 19 hours 30 mins) and 4 buses a week to Hamburg and Berlin

Within Germany, Eurolines is represented by Deutsche Touring and tickets are available from Deutsche Bahn (German Rail) ticket agents in major railway stations.
Eurolines' routes stretch to over 30 countries from Scandinavia to Central Europe to North Africa and journeys to Germany can be booked in many European cities.

Deutsche Touring

Busabout provides tickets in increments of 2, 3 or four weeks for most European cities on its hop-on hop-off network. Busabout also offers Flexipasses allowing various days' travel within a set period and its main routes into Germany are to Berlin, Dresden, Frankfurt & Munich from many European cities. There are reductions for passengers under 26.

Buses in Germany.

Bus, Munich, Germany

Buses in Germany.

Bus, Munich, Germany

Berlin Linien Bus has good coach services between various German cities, especially, Berlin and the rest of Europe including Amsterdam, Barcelona, London, Moscow, Rome and Stockholm as well as services within Germany (a Berlin-Munich single journey is currently priced 44 Euros [2005]).

Berlin Linien Bus (in German & English)

Gulliver's, also centered on Berlin, has good international bus services between various major German cities (Berlin, Hannover, Hamburg, Nuremberg, Munich, Dresden) and the many destinations in Europe.

Gulliver's (in German, English, Polish, French)

Long Distance Inter City Bus Travel in Germany

The domestic networks of the private bus companies cover most of the country's main towns and more local destinations. Buses leave from the ZOB (Zentraler Omnibus Bahnhof) which is usually located near the main train station in major cities.

Berlin Linien Bus covers the major cities (including Frankfurt, Dusseldorf and Munich) and much of the rest of the country. The frequent daily Express bus to Hamburg takes a little over 3 hours.

Berlin Linien Bus (in German)

Europabus - part of Deutsche Bahn (German Rail) - offers the following three routes within Germany:

- Romantic Road (EB 190) Frankfurt to Füssen. 350 km route between the River Main and the Alps taking in many picturesque towns in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg on Germany's most popular holiday route.

- Castle Road (EB189/EB190A) Mannheim to Prague via Tubingen, Nuremberg and Bayreuth follows the historical route of the first west-east route through Germany. The numerous castles and palaces along the way give the route its name.

- Strassburg-Reutlingen  (EB178 Black Forest) passes through the Black Forest including the towns of Tubingen and Freudenstadt.

There are reductions for Eurail and InterRail pass holders.

Deutsche Touring

City Bus Travel in Germany

Berlin night bus stop.

There are extensive municipal bus services in the major cities, mostly integrated with the U-Bahn (subway) S-Bahn (suburban trains) and trams.

Some cities such as Berlin, Munich and Hamburg run all-night services.

Bus and tram stops are marked by a green "H" (for Haltestelle) and display the name of the stop, bus numbers and destinations, a map of the city transport network and timetables. There are fewer services on weekends and national holidays.

In Berlin the double-decker number #100 and #200 buses pass many of the city's main tourist attractions.

Travel cards are usually valid for buses, trams, U-Bahn and S-Bahn.
Purchase tickets from ticket machines at bus stops or pay single fares to the driver as you get on and enter your ticket or travel pass in the validating machine.

There are on-the-spot fines for non-compliance and traveling without a valid ticket issued by (usually plainclothes) ticket inspectors.

Trams in Germany

Berlin tram.

As well as buses, trams (streetcars) run in many cities, both above and below ground (where they are also called U-Bahn).

Cities such as Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Nuremberg have separate metro-style subway networks running distinct underground trains rather than trams. Stuttgart has both a separate, distinct subway system with trains that run above and below ground (train numbers prefaced by 'U') and also trams that run above/below ground.

Ticketing procedure for trams is the same for buses: purchase tickets from ticket machines at tram stops or pay single fares to the driver as you get on and enter your ticket or travel pass in the validating machine.

Trams run only in the eastern side of Berlin.

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