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Adulthood: 18

Annual per capita income: $US31,400 (2006 estimate)

Area: 357,021 square km

Biggest City: Berlin

Capital: Berlin

Cars: 44.7 million

Currency: euro EUR (prev. German Mark)

Driving: On the right

Drugs: All illicit drugs still criminalized; fines/and or imprisonment for possession. Berlin has a tolerant attitude to marijuana and the city seems to be moving towards decriminalization.

Economic growth in 2006: 2.2%

Economic output: Germany ranks third in the world for total economic output after the USA and Japan and second in overall world trade.

Electricity: 220 AC, 50 cycles

Ethnic groups: 91.5% German, Turkish 2.4%, other 6.1% (largely of Greeks, Italians, Polish, Russians, Serbo-Croatians, Spanish).

Football Association: DFB, Deutsche Fussball Bund

Football League: Bundesliga

Government: parliamentary democracy

Highest Mountain: Zugspitze 2963m

International access code: +49

Internet country code: .de

Internet users: 50.616 million (2006)

Main export partners:
France 10.2%, US 8.8%, UK 7.9%, Italy 6.9% (2005 estimate)

Main imports partners:
France 8.7%, Netherlands 8.5%, US 6.6%, China 6.4%, UK 6.3% (2005 estimate)

Military: conscription

Mobile phones: 79,200,000 (2005) GSM 900 and 1800 systems

National team uniform: black and white or red

Population density: 596 per square mile

Population: 82,422,299 (July 2006 estimate.)

Principal cities & populations:
Berlin 3,390,000
Hamburg 1,686,100
Munich 1,185,400
Cologne 965,300
Frankfurt 648,000
Essen 588,800
Dortmund 587,600
Stuttgart 581,100

Pro soccer teams: 36 in 2 divisions of the Bundesliga

Ruling party: Social Democratic Party (SPD)

Stock market: DAX

Time: Central European Time: GMT +1 hour (Daylight saving time (DST) last Sunday in March to last Sunday in October)

Tourism: (visitors 2000): 17.8 million

Unemployment: 9.8% (2006 estimate)

Urban population: 87.7% (2001 estimate)

Video system: PAL

Wettest month: July (in Berlin)

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