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Car Hire in Germany

Autobahn sign.

Cars can be rented (Autovermietung) all over Germany with car rental companies easily available at airports and railway stations. Most of the large car rental companies are well-represented throughout the country.

Drivers should be over 21 years old, with a valid driving license and a credit card. All licenses from EU member states and the USA are recognised in Germany.

Cars can be rented online for airport pick up from the large dealers.


Car hire in GermanyGermany drives on the right.
Traffic signs are international.
The general speed limit in Germany is 50 kph (30mph) in built-up areas and 100 kph (60mph) on open roads. On the Autobahn the recommended speed limit is 130 kph (80mph) but there are no actual legally enforced speed limits.
All passengers must wear seat belts and children under 12 must travel in the back of the car with a seat cushion.
Insurance is legally required to drive.
Cars are required to carry hazard warning triangles and to display them in the case of accidents.
Foreign cars are required to have a nationality sign.
The use of mobile phones while driving is strictly forbidden.
Motorcyclists and passengers are required to wear helmets.
The drink drive limit is 0.05 % blood alcohol content.
There are heavy on-the-spot fines for breaking traffic regulations.


Road signs in Berlin.

Though not impossible, finding a free parking space in big cities is not easy. There are specially marked parking zones, where you must pay and display a parking ticket in advance. Most cities in Germany have multi-storey or underground car parks where you are charged on exit.

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