World Cup 2014 Match Tickets & Application Procedure

World Cup 2014 Match Ticket Information

World Cup tickets.

Ticket Prices for the 2014 World Cup were announced on 19 July, 2013.

Tickets for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil will go on sale from August 20, 2013

About 3 million tickets will be available for fans, according to FIFA. The 32 participating member football associations including host Brazil will receive 119,742 purchasable tickets. This includes the 30,009 tickets (1% of the purchasable tickets' total) that have been allocated to the Brazilian Football Association (CBF) as the hosts. FIFA Commercial Affiliates receive 605,191 purchasable tickets, 445,500 purchasable tickets are allocated to Hospitality Rights Holders and the media receive 66,273 tickets. A total of 701,079 tickets have been reserved for International supporters and the Brazilian public.

Ticket applications are available online from FIFA here. Register and begin or amend your application.

The maximum number of World Cup tickets that a ticket applicant can apply for is four (4) tickets per match, and must be of the same category for each match.

Sales phases for 2014 World Cup tickets

First sales phase: 20 August 2013 to 28 November 2013
During the first ticket phase, the allocation process will involve a random selection draw for all over-subscribed Matches or Team Specific Tickets (TSTs). The first sales phase random selection draw will take place after 10th October 2013. From 5 November 2013 to 28 November 2013, tickets will be available on a first come first served basis.
Note: it makes no difference whether you apply early, on 20 August 2013, or late, on 10 October 2013. Each correctly submitted application will have the same opportunity of being successful in the draw.

Second sales phase: 8 December 2013 to 1 April 2014
Sales Phase 2 will commence two days after the World Cup 2014 Final Draw on 8 December 2013 when football fans know where their teams will be playing. The allocation process will involve a random selection draw for all over-subscribed Matches or Team Specific Tickets (TSTs). The second sales phase random selection draw will take place after 30th January 2014. First Come First Served tickets will be available from 26 February 2014 to 1 April 2014.

Third sales phase: 15 April 2014 to 13 July 2014
In the Last Minute Sales Phase from 15 April 2014 up until the final match day of the World Cup tournament, tickets will be available to all customers online and over the counter at the designated FIFA Venue Ticketing Centres, in the venue cities and other locations throughout Brazil.

World Cup 2014 Schedule

Ticket Prices

International Sales

All prices for international (non-Brazilian buyers) World Cup tickets are in USD. There are 3 categories with Disabled Access Tickets priced as Category 3. Approximately 1% of the total ticket allocation is available for people who qualify as Disabled Access.

Matches Category 1 Category 2 Category 3
Opening Match $495 $330 $220
Group Matches $175 $135 $90
Round of 16 $220 $165 $110
Quarter finals $330 $220 $165
Semi finals $660 $440 $275
Third Place $330 $220 $165
Final $990 $660 $440

Domestic Sales

All prices for domestic (Brazilian resident buyers) World Cup tickets are in Brazilian Reais (BRL) based on a fixed exchange rate of R$2 BRL to $1 USD. There are 4 categories with Disabled Acess Tickets priced as Category 3. There is also a Category 4 discount price for students, people aged over 60 and claimants of social welfare programs.

Matches Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4
Opening Match R$990 R$660 R$440 R$160
Group Matches R$350 R$270 R$180 R$60
Round of 16 R$440 R$330 R$220 R$110
Quarter finals R$660 R$440 R$330 R$170
Semi finals R$1320 R$880 R$550 R$220
Third Place R$660 R$440 R$330 R$170
Final R$1980 R$1320 R$880 R$330

Ticket Application Procedure

People wishing to attend the matches in Brazil can apply online, by post or fax.


Ticket applications are available online from FIFA here and can be paid for by Visa or MasterCard. Brazilian residents have the option to pay using Boleto.

Bank Wire Transfers will only be accepted for international customers that apply for Tickets via the hard copy Ticket Application Form, downloadable from the Ticketing section on

Ticket Types

There are three kinds of ticket types available.

1. Match Tickets: individual match tickets and available for all matches (1-64).
2. Team Specific Tickets (TSTs): a series of tickets to follow the national team of your choice & may include between three and seven matches.
3. Venue Specific Tickets (VSTs): tickets available for the matches at one venue throughout the tournament not including the Opening Match and Final.

Venue Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 DAT
Belo Horizonte $920 $705 $470 $470
Brazilia $1250 $925 $635 $635
Cuiaba $700 $540 $360 $360
Curitiba $700 $540 $360 $360
Fortaleza $920 $705 $470 $470
Manaus $700 $540 $360 $360
Natal $700 $540 $360 $360
Porto Alegre $920 $705 $470 $470
Recife $920 $705 $470 $470
Rio de Janeiro $920 $705 $470 $470
Salvador $920 $705 $470 $470
Sao Paulo $745 $570 $380 $380

Disabled Access Ticket (DAT) holders are entitled to a complimentary ticket for a companion to assist and accompany them to the match. The VST for Sao Paulo does not include the Opening Match.

TST Notes

You do not have to choose the team that you support or the nation where you reside. If your team is knocked out and your TST Series includes rounds after your team has been eliminated, your TST will remain valid to follow the team that progresses into the next round of the competition.

Interactive voice Response (IvR) service and Call Centre

Domestic: 0300 021 2014
International: 0041 (0) 445 831 000

Organizing Your Trip

If you are a first time visitor to the World Cup, we strongly advise you consult with other people going through the same ticket ordering procedure and planning their itineraries, accommodation and flights to Brazil. With its known security issues, it would be wise to plan your World Cup experience in consultation with other fans.