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World Cup - Asian TV

The first World Cup to be held in Asia guarantees a massive TV audience in Asia itself, with none of the unsocial viewing hours that armchair fans in Europe and the Americas will need to endure. However, the high cost of the coverage will mean some cash-strapped viewers without access to pay-per-view TV look likely to miss out.

KirchMedia logo

Germany's KirchMedia, which owns the worldwide television and radio broadcast rights to the 2002 and 2006 World Cups, has been busy cutting deals with Asian TV companies to televise the event. Most Asian broadcasters will pass on these costs to their viewers.

In Japan, free-to-air channels including state broadcaster NHK, and the Asahi and Yomiuri commercial networks will show only 40 of the 64 games.

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SkyPerfecTV will air all the matches on its satellite channels but at present the company has less than 3 million subscribers out of a potential audience in Japan of 125 million.

In Korea the three major broadcasters, Korean Broadcasting System, Seoul Broadcasting System and Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation have created a single consortium to show all the football action to the Korean viewing public at no extra cost.

CCTV logo

In China state broadcaster China Central Television has yet to finalize a deal with Kirch which could see the potentially huge domestic audience missing out on their team's first ever World Cup.

Likewise in Malaysia where the satellite broadcaster Astro has yet to confirm it will be airing the tournament at all.

VTV logo

Football-mad Thais and Vietnamese will both enjoy the football-fest for free with all the games shown live and without commercial breaks on yet to be decided channels in Thailand and state broadcaster Vietnam Television also broadcasting all the games live and free-to-air.

However, in Indonesia and Singapore, fans will have to shell out to see their sporting heroes in action. Indonesia private channel RCTI will transmit all the games live but for a fee and in Singapore, the sole cable broadcaster Singapore Cable Vision has purchased the rights for its MaxTV subscribers.

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