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Trains in Germany.

Trains in Germany

The German railway system is run by Deutsche Bundesbahn (DB Rail) [tel. 0800 150 7090].
The trains are clean and punctual and travelling by rail is a pleasant experience.
There are first and second class seats.
A snack bar or a dining car is generally available on express trains.

Luggage on German Trains

The following items are accepted on German trains:
Suitcases and backpacks; steamer trunks; bicycles; skis; pushchairs and strollers.
Unlike in many countries, bags can be left at the luggage counter at many stations, and these bags will be delivered to your destination hotel. A door-to-door service may also be available depending on starting point and destination - please check at the phone number given above for this and baggage insurance information.

Types of Trains In Germany

Apart from local trains, there are also these types:
InterCity [IC]: comfortable trains with (often) a telephone and secretarial services, bar, restaurant, lounge.
EuroCity [EC]: these trains connect with other European countries and offer a comparable level of service as IC.
InterCity Express [ICE]: high-speed trains (175mph/280kph). Only on a few routes, however:
Berlin - Frankfurt - Munich (München)
Hamburg - Würzburg - Nuremberg (Nürnberg) - Munich (München)
Frankfurt - Stuttgart - Munich (München)
InterCity Night [ICN]: first class (beds & included breakfast) and tourist class (reclining seats) on these night trains. Restaurant and bistro car. Reservations are required. Departure time: around 10pm. Arrival time around 7am. Routes:
Berlin - Munich (München)
Berlin - Bonn

Trains in Germany.

Trains in Germany.

German Rail Tickets and Passes from North America

GermanRail pass (26 years old and over) 4 days travel in one month - first class US$260; second class US$180. For additional days, price per day: first class $34; second class US$24.
GermanRail pass (under 26 years) Second class only. 4 days travel in one month - $142 10 days travel in one month - $220
TwinPass (2 adults together) 4 days travel in one month - first class US$390; second class US$270.
Extra benefits for pass holders:
- free or reduced rate bus fares on certain routes only: Deutsche Touring/Europabus.
- free day trips on river boats operated by KD German Line Steamers.

For more information on these and other services as well as ticket purchase, including the Europe-wide Eurail pass, contact German Rail in the US [tel. 1 877 272 RAIL]. Canadians could try CIT Tours [tel. 800 CIT-TOUR]. Local travel agents will also be able to provide tickets.

Trains in Germany.

Trains in Germany, Frankfurt.

German Rail Tickets and Passes from the UK & Europe

Trains in Germany. Trains in Germany/Luggage on German Trains/Types of Train

Apart from travel agents, the International Rail Centre at Victoria Station, London has information and passes as well as major rail stations throughout Europe. [tel. 0870 5 848 848].

Inter-Rail passes are available for people under 26 (who have been resident in Europe for over 6 months). It allows for 12 or 22 days unlimited travel in any one of 8 European zones or longer for travel in more than one rail zone.

The Eurodomino Pass allows travel flexibility in any one of 28 countries in Europe and North Africa. It allows you anything from 3 to 8 days extensive travel within a one month period on the entire rail network of your chosen country. The price may vary slightly from country to country.

Trains to Germany from London

From Waterloo Station, London, and after 2007 London St. Pancreas, the Eurostar trains to Brussels operate all year on a 24-hour basis. Change at Brussels (Bruxelles) for trains to Germany. Eurostar reservations from the UK: 0870 530 0003 Eurostar reservations from France: 08-36-35-35-39
There are four daily trains to Germany from Victoria Station via jetfoil or the Ramsgate-Ostend or Dover-Ostend ferry.
From Liverpool Street Station, 2 trains via Harwich-Hook of Holland (Hoek van Holland). You can change at Cologne (Köln) in Germany for other destinations.
London to Berlin takes about 20 hours, about the same to Munich.

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